Why Wanderlust tents?

Enjoy the view. Larger windows than the competition gives you more fresh air circulation and a wider nature viewing area. Camp off the ground and away from creepy crawlies. Being off the ground means less dirt and sand in your tent. 


Our main Features

  • No more waking up in mud puddles. Sleeping on the roof keeps you off the wet, cold ground. 
  • No more jagged rocks in the back. Included 3 inch mattress pad keeps you sleeping soundly through the night. Wake up refreshed and ready to hike. 
  • No more fumbling with awkward poles. 
  • No more searching for leveled campsites. Throw a few wood blocks in the trunk and park anywhere. 
  • Tired of driving? Pull over for a quick nap at a rest area. 
  • Camp in RV parks where regular tents are not permitted. 
  • With your bedroom on the roof you'll have more space in your vehicle. 
  • Late arrival? No problem. Easy set up in even the darkest locations.


  • Durable, marine-grade fiberglass shell keeps you warm and dry. Shell is UV resistant and paintable. 
  • The low-profile, aerodynamic shape means great fuel economy. Driving an RV or towing a travel trailer can get costly. Save your money for more adventures.

Perfect for music festivals. 

Glamping: a term used to describe a glamorous camping experience. Some music lovers pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars to "glamp" at weekend festivals. Own your own mobile glamping lodge and sleep VIP at every event.


Extra features

  • Wanderlust Tents are designed for cars, trucks, vans, SUV's and off-road trailers. 
  • Tent is easily installed on most roof racks on the market. 
  • Transform your vehicle into the ultimate road-trip machine. 
  • No assembly required. Simply fasten tent to your luggage rack and you're ready for your trip. 
  • Wanderlust Tents can be left on your vehicle so you'll always be ready for your next adventure. 
  • Can be installed or removed with two people in about 15 minutes.